Smart Ovens

Endless possibilities made easy

The counter top oven category is a highly complex and competitive space with each brand screaming about their different technology advancements and their latest new bells and whistles.

We flipped the status quo of guiding prospect customers to a oven based on shiny technology, to the very essences of why they are in the market to buy a new smart oven in the first place.

Leading with the idea that they aren’t looking for a ovens new shiny technology, they are looking for a oven that delivers them the possibilities to create their favourite cooked creations effortlessly at home.

This insight sparked the launch of a platform experience that allows customers to easily filter through which oven is best suited to them based on what dishes they would like to cook, lifestyle requirement and personal preferences. Users are delivered recommendations based on their preferences and have the ability to easily compare each model through a simplified snapshot of it’s unique cooking capabilities, making the entire experience personal and centred around the prospect customers preferences.

Smart Ovens