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Goodbye guesswork, hello restaurant quality cooking.

A new category of precision cooking saw Breville launch three products, the Steam Zone, One° Precision Poacher and the Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice. Each appliance focused on highly precise techniques that take the guesswork out of food preparation and cooking to deliver restaurant-quality results every time.

We launched the Kitchen Wizz Peel and Dice but focusing on the beauty if it’s precision. Slicing, chopping, peeling and dicing our way through a variety of ingredients.

TheSteam Zone and One° Precision Poacher we pulled in a host to deliver the capabilities of these appliances via a range of demonstrations that displayed food porn in all it’s glory, showcasing creations that the most elite foodies would appreciate.

An online destination re-enforced the precision core messaging, highlighting the key features of each appliance, with demonstrations and delicious recipe inspirations, illustrating that precision cooking doesn’t require four years at culinary school a and a punishing kitchen apprenticeship. A suite of social media assets supported the launch.