Today I'm fighting


Today I’m fighting


HealthMatch approached TMC to help them increase brand trust and awareness to a national audience.

The unique MedTech company applies AI to connect individuals suffering from health conditions and critical illnesses to potentially life changing clinical trials. The medical world is renowned for its serious and dry advertising, but in a world of short attention spans and ad clutter this doesn’t cut the mustard.

The ‘Today I’m fighting’ brand platform was built around the idea that we are all fighting something and for most of us its first world problems. From forgetting to put the bins out on bin day, to over ordering on Amazon, to getting our 10,000 steps in – each piece of creative told a story of our individuals living through a series of first world problems.

At the end of each of these situations we revealed that these individuals were also fighting a health condition or serious illnesses. This light and shade moment put a spotlight on the reality that thousands of Australians are living with a variety of conditions and illnesses and HealthMatch now offers access to clinical trials that were previously out of reach.

Bringing it to life was a suite of amusing short form videos, TV ads and radio spots, gaining traction with a new audience that are looking for help.

Supercut 30 seconds

Today I’m fighting

Eczema 15 seconds

Today I’m fighting

Crohn’s Disease 15 seconds

Today I’m fighting

Leukemia 15 seconds

Today I’m fighting

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Crohn’s Disease 
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