Ditch Dad Banking

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Ditch Dad Banking


A reality of the era we live in is that we hate ads. Especially millennials, who will go out of their way to avoid them. There is an exception to the rule though – entertainment is rewarded with full attention.

Ditch Dad Banking draws inspiration from a brilliant customer insight; “Everything we do as millennials is different to our parents except banking”. We don’t do many things our dads do. From dancing to dressing, holidays and workouts.

These awkward and relatable moments were brought to life via the punchiest single minded creative formats. From short, attention grabbing 6, 15 and 30 second spots, Instagram stories, timeline takeovers, outdoor media, documentary and digital streaming audio placements.

Each dad scenario was designed around immediate attention within seconds, with half naked dad bods and crazy disco style dance moves filling mobile screens. Not content with provocative creative, the sign up call to action is as strong as the Dad scenarios themselves, featuring rich and detailed visuals of the app experience – one that is completely different to anything seen in banking until now.

Benefit led conversion formats targeted to iOS and Android devices further amplified the benefits to get on board and convert customers. 

Mastercut 30s

Holiday 30s

Dance + Greet 15s

Exercise + Holiday 15s

Social Takeovers