Colour Me Healthy

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Give fresh food a spin

With a greater focus on healthy eating, people are aware of the need to include more fruit and vegetables in their diets, but find it challenging to reach their recommended daily servings. Juicing and blending are both easy and flavoursome ways to get more of the nutrients the body needs, but there is still confusion around the difference between juicing and blending and which product is right for different tastes and needs.

Colour Me Healthy is a juicing and blending platform created to educate people about the differences between the two and help them choose the right product. We built a ‘Pick and choose’ tool where users select the fruit and veges they’d like to take for a spin, and then an appliance is recommended based on their choices.

Recipe inspirations showed people how to get colourful in the kitchen, along with five and seven day juicing and blending planners for a healthier diet.