3X Bluicer

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Blend + Juice = Bluice

In a category where most consumers own either a blender or a juicer, and appliances fight for space on the kitchen bench, the 3X Bluicer Pro mixes things up (figuratively and literally) by offering the ability to blend, juice and bluice. Not content to do just two things really well, this appliance also introduced ‘Bluicing’ as a new, game-changing category.

We positioned this product around three themes, 3X the variety, 3X the flavours and 3X the fun, creating a range of content pieces that brought this idea to life.

We launched the bluicer with two hero ‘Intercept’ videos inspired by Groundhog Day and the drudgery of eating the same things every day, and showed how the 3X Bluicer Pro transforms meals by blending, juicing or bluicing with healthy, flavoursome ingredients.

Content pieces, like our 10,000 taste buds ‘Lift off’ video format, explored the variety, flavours and fun concept with pops of colour and excitement, while a documentary pulled back the curtain to take a look at the inspiration and innovation around this groundbreaking appliance.

3X Bluicer
3X Bluicer