Café quality coffee at home

A shot of simplicity the espresso category needs

The home espresso appliance space is filled with a bombardment of options, new technologies and promises. With so many options, it can be overwhelming sifting through all the specifications and uncovering what espresso machine is best for you.

The opportunity was to design a platform idea that eliminates information fatigue and offers an experience built around personalised decision simplicity.

We launched the global ‘Café quality coffee at home’ experience to allow customers to easily navigate the extensive portfolio of Breville’s espresso machines through individual product recommendations based on lifestyle needs and preferences.

Each personalised recommendation puts consumers front and centre of what it will be like to own the appliance and brew coffee with a short ‘make a latte’ video. Users also have the ability to quickly compare a different machine with a side by side view that strips away the technical jargon and provides a simple snapshot of the differences.

The platform also houses educational information told through a storytelling lens, giving consumers the ability to deep diving into Breville’s commitment of producing the same quality coffee you find at your local café.