Behind the doors of every big agency is something we’re not. A team of people fueling a lie that their latest and most sophisticated techniques and processes are the reason your next campaign will literally melt eyeballs. A dysfunctional setup of departments and people that complicate and delay the actual process of producing and launching work.

As experienced creative directors who have worked with many different agencies on some of the biggest brand accounts in the world, there’s one thing we’ve found to be true. It’s all bullshit.

Two Mad Cowboys exists to strip all of this away to produce effective marketing communications. We don’t claim to have a team of data scientists, magic formulas for creativity and an army of creative firepower because we don’t need them. Our no fuss approach means we can take products and services to market with speed, utilising our network of the best freelance professionals and production partners in the game, tailored to meet your needs. At every step of the way, the heart and soul of what we do is lead by a core team of digital native creatives who instinctually get technology and have always been curious by it.

We’re unapologetically irreverent and passionate about life, an attitude which translates to our client work because at the end of the day, life is too short for bullshit.