The Precision Brewer

Digital – Film – Programmatic – Photography – Instore

More precision, more craft.

In many coffee drinking cultures such as North America in particular, drip filter coffee reigns king. And in a fiercely competitive space, craft coffee brewing has gained momentum by introducing a variety of techniques like pour over and cold brew that bring out subtle flavour variables of the roasted coffee beans.

Combining this thinking into the one coffee machine, the Breville Precision Brewer combines precision, temperature control and brew time enabling 6 different brew modes including the ‘Gold Cup’ standard in brewing.

We all have different tastes when it comes to coffee preferences. To communicate this, TMC produced an intercept spot that showcased different walks of life in different environments all using the one brewer. We delved into the minds of the Breville beverage team and produced an in-depth documentary piece that explores the world of craft coffee brewing. We also produced a microsite, social media assets and suite of demonstrative formats all designed to speak to the customer at various points along the consumer journey from casual seeker through to appliance owner.

Precision Brewer

Precision Brewer

Precision Brewer