Oracle Touch

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Café quality coffee at your fingertips

Like having a barista in the comfort of your own home (without the awkward flirting), the Oracle Touchwas the next generation of fully automatic espresso machine, offering true café quality coffee. A touch screen makes it super easy to swipe and select from a full menu of cafe favourites, which can be personalised to suit different tastes.

The simplicity of use and high quality results were the stars of the show, so we focused the creative around ‘Swipe, select, enjoy’ and created engaging pieces that brought this idea to life. We used high speed camera macros to set a new benchmark for coffee porn, with visuals that made the coffee look so delicious and alluring they should come with a trigger warning.

A suite of content formats, including feature videos and barista demonstrations, along with a high-end lifestyle shoot, all reinforced the cafe quality of the coffees this talented ‘barista’ can produce.

The Oracle Touch

The Oracle Touch